Previous Performers

Cleo The Hurricane

image from Cleo’s Rock N Pole blog

Cleo is a force to be reckoned with, she has an appetite for destruction and will rock you like a Hurricane! Sydney’s very own rock chick ‘Cleo’ is Miss Pole Dance Australia 2012. Having pole danced since 2007, Cleo packed up her life and moved to Sydney in 2010 to teach at the world renowned Bobbi’s Pole Studio Sydney where her unique ‘pole power’ style was developed, giving her the nickname ‘The Hurricane’ by Bobbi herself.


image from Lux ATL’s Facebook page

Lux ATL is a pole dancer with a PhD, a former English professor and lifelong exotic dancer turned professional pole performer, instructor, writer, and speaker. She is an upcoming competitor in the elite Miss Pole Dance America competition, a three-time cast member of Alethea Austin’s Live Dancing Girls, a featured dancer in Mastodon’s latest music video “The Motherload,” recent inductee into Creative Loafing Atlanta’s Lust List 2015, an occasional circus performer, as well as a feminist activist and writer. She was also recently voted “Best Stripper in Atlanta” in Creative Loafing’s “Best of Atlanta” issue! You can find her pole dancing and spreading feminist wisdom all across the United States this Spring and Summer as she tours “Stripcraft,” her workshop for strippers, pole dancers, and harlots-at-heart.

Dakota Fox

image from Dakota Fox’s Facebook page

With no previous dance experience, Dakota Fox brings a unique background to her pole fitness & aerial acrobatic classes. Her natural strength comes from her athletic experience in team sports and martial arts. Dakota’s power tricks and flow has gained her a large social media following. She began teaching pole dance classes in 2009 at Aradia Fitness in Cary, NC. She brings accessibility to her workshops, with her knack for breaking down difficult techniques and her ability to teach to all levels. She began performing in 2011 and completed her first pole dance competition in 2012.
Dakota has taught internationally including studio tours; at the International Pole Convention 2013 & 2015; at Pole Expo 2013, 2014 & 2015; Australian Pole Camp 2015 as well as throughout the United Kingdom. She is the owner of Aradia Fitness USA, teaching & training at the headquarters location in Cary, NC.

Josiah Grant (Bad Azz)

image from Josiah Grant’s Facebook page

The result of this diligence is Bad Azz, the premiere male pole dancer in the United States. He has been featured on the Dr’s Show. During this notable segment, the cast of The Doctors joked about men getting involved on the pole, and Bad Azz played the role a regular audience member challenged to try a trick or two. He dazzled their broad viewing audience with a skillful performance. He has been a recurring guest on the Jerry Springer Show, again featured as a gifted anomaly to the pole dancing community. He has also appeared on ABC Family, MTV, TruTV,La Hair and his own series of pole instructional videos, and countless brief television appearances and interviews.

Charlee Wagner

image from Charlee Wagner’s Facebook page

Charlee Wagner’s background spouts from seven years as a competition All-Star Cheerleader where she earned a full-ride scholarship to Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. While attending school she discovered aerial arts and fell in love with aerial hammock and pole fitness. Because she was strong and flexible from cheerleading, she was able to begin in upper level classes and found herself excelling quickly. With her new love and obsession unfurling, Charlee began training to become international competitor and thus began overtaking the competition circuit seemingly overnight. She prides herself on creating never-before-seen moves that push the limits of flexibility and strength.

Jeni Janover

image from Jeni Janover’s Facebook page

She began her pole dancing career and quickly became hooked. However her specialty and true love was not the tricks. Sensual movement and fluidity became her passion. Jeni not only loved this for herself she had a unique ability to help other woman find their own sensuality and movement.  Jeni felt that this fundamental movement was being overlooked and cast aside and people were only focusing on the pole tricks.
It was then that Liquid Motion® was born.  Jeni is the founder of Liquid Motion®.

Accro Brandon

image from Accro Brandon’s Instagram page

Accro Brandon is a freelance Pole Performer and also trains/teaches in Partner Yoga (acro yoga), aerial and stilt walking. Traveling nationally for performances and competitions spreading the love of artistic expression one location at a time!

Karol Helms

image from Karol Helms’ Facebook page

Karol quickly became famous in the pole dance community for her incredible pole stunts and unique dance style. Attending the first USPDF National Championships in March 2009, she was inspired by so many talented ladies, and excited to meet so many fellow polers that she shared this passion with. Karol made a promise to herself that she would try out for the next competition, and put in a lot of work to be the best she could be. In the fall, she entered the USPDF East Coast Regionals and was selected as a competitor. She was so excited to have the opportunity to showcase her skills and share the stage with so many talented ladies. Training for weeks on end paid off when Karol came in 1st place and was awarded pro-status with the USPDF and the title of USPDF East Coast Champion 2009.

A couple months later, through Alethea Austin, Karol was offered a chance to design pole specific clothing catering to polers of the non-exotic persuasion with a new company by the name of Bad Kitty Pole Wear. In February, Karol, Alethea, Mina, and Estee travelled to Arizona to develop the first line of workout clothes FOR pole dancers, BY pole dancers and the PoleFit line was born! Karol is a Brand Director of the new PoleFit line by Bad Kitty as well as her own line by Bad Kitty to debut in the future.

Aerial Amy

image from Aerial Amy’s Facebook page

Aerial Amy runs a pole-dance focused blog since February of 2011. She updates it daily with inspiration, music, and ideas that she has picked up in her 5+ years of poling and teaching. She is also a writer for the fabulous Bad Kitty blog.

Heidi Coker

image from Heidi Coker’s Facebook page

Heidi Coker began pole dancing the summer of 2009. She believes pole is a sport where you can play to your strengths, and a perfect arena for creativity and self-expression. Heidi was a competitive gymnast until the age of 21, athletics were a strong part of her upbringing. After seeing an episode of “Oprah” showcasing pole dancing and female empowerment, she was instantly intrigued. Enjoying dance, yoga and other creative outlets for exercise, pole was a perfect match. After poling for a year, she submitted for a competition and was stunned when she found out she was accepted. From that point, her competitive life in pole began.  She enjoys challenging herself with new moves and adding acrobatics on and off the pole. Heidi teaches at Polelateaz in Atlanta.

David C Owen

image from David C Owen’s Instagram page

David C Owen’s life revolves around pole. He ranked second at the US national pole dance final in 2010 and 2011, and bronze medaled at International Pole Dance Masters Cup in 2012. He got exposed to pole dancing in July of 2009 and has become extremely passionate about it since. Pole dancing has also instilled in him an interest in other movement arts. He teaches pole dancing and flexibility training at Shine Alternative Fitness. He also has been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel to teach workshops at pole studios in more cities than he can count.

Crystal Lai

image from Crystal Lai’s website

Crystal Lai is proud that her 5 years of training have culminated in her becoming Miss Pole Dance Canada and winning Best Entertainer and People Choice at the World Pole Dance Championships. Crystal enjoys bringing her bubbly personality to upbeat routines, but can also demonstrate grace and control to more melodic music. As a senior instructor at Tantra Fitness in Vancouver, she hopes to use her platform to educate the public about the sport of pole dancing. Crystal also hopes revealing her lack of a dance or gymnastics background will inspire future pole dancers who question their potential; pole dancing can truly stand alone to develop strength and fluidity. With her dancing, she wishes to help progress the technical and performance aspects of her sport.

Annie Tobiasz

image from Annie Tobiasz’s Facebook page

Annie has competed nationally and regionally in APFC, North American ELite and Masters, PSO Elite and Supershag Elite events. Annie has judged for Michigan pole dance, The Great WHite North and PSOcompetitions. She has showcased for Michigan Pole Dance, Midwest POle Dance and Vertical Love events. Annie currently coaches and instructs int he Rochester area, Toronto and the east coast.